Friday, April 6, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

Another photo dump post....sorry. Big things are happening but words can't be shared yet. I will hide behind a photo dump instead.

Riley's room update. We are getting there. The curtains Riley loved are discontinued so we are continuing to look. Crown moulding has to be put up and her bathroom has to be painted. She is thrilled with the results so far.

Garage shelves are for stacking children.

This is yummy.

He is cool.

Be Dance Competition, Orillia. First place in tap and jazz and best costume for The Ants.

Like I said, he's cool.

Another bathing suit dance show.

Night time reading with Nee Nee.

They are gone! Finally!!!!

Adding extra safety locks for Simon our night time sleep walker.

I think he has grown up today.

My boy and his books.

I can not get enough pictures of this toothless grin. The cuteness is too much.

Hanging out at swimming lessons.

Learning to flip the creamers.

Happy to be getting some gluten.

Finding Daddies name on the trophies at the pool.

Simon wins an academic achievement award at school. He used his free time to write his teacher a persuasive letter as to why she should buy more Lego. We are so proud of you Si Guy!

Flashing more awards won from the Be Dance Competition.

More toothless smiles.

Cutest Easter craft ever.

"The Dancer and the Cool Dude Break Dancer"

My Mama's beans and my coffee = comfort

Simon's self portrait.

I hope I never stop taking sleeping pictures.

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